Aki Acrylic & Walnut Statement Necklace

Aki Acrylic & Walnut Statement Necklace


In stock (can be backordered)

Our personal favourite. The inspiration for this necklace is the colours of autumn – not just the usual oranges and yellows but also the inky and minty blues and pinks of the sky. The word Aki means ‘autumn’ in Japanese.

The piece is made of laser-cut acrylic, birch and walnut woods, baby blue waxed cord, and stainless steel cord ends. It measures 8.5cm x 5cm, is hand painted and the walnut back of each necklace features an engraving of the Studio Dariolina logo.

The length of the necklace can be adjusted using the handcrafted walnut wood toggle. It can be worn as a longer necklace with a maximum drop of approximately 45cm or as a shorter necklace resting on the décolleté.

The Aki necklace will come wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a hot foil stamped organic cotton ECO pouch. A hot foil stamped large gift box can be selected as an alternative.

All pieces are handmade in our studio in North East England and while the greatest love and care is taken, please allow for slight variations.